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Kinesiology /Lymph Taping

Cure Tape is an elastic, hypoallergenic, adhesive, water resistant cotton tape. The thickness and weight of the tape are similar to that of the skin. The elasticity of the tape when applied to the skin creates a 'lifting and stretching effect' on the epidermis. As a result this action can effect circulatory action and lymph flow in the subcutaneous tissues where the vascular and lymph capillaries are located. The tape can assist in improving lymph flow and can support muscle repair activating the body's own natural healing process.

Cure Tape provides protection for the tissues, a supporting function, it allows full range of movement and as the tape can be worn for up to 4-7 days it gives the client a '24 hour treatment'. This results in faster recovery. Cure Tape can work well as an adjunctive therapy for managing lymphoedema, chronic swelling, inflammation, fibrosis, bruising, scars and physical injury.